Trading Policy

Trading Policy


Thank you for using DiuBTC service for trading bitcoin. Before you proceed, please read carefully and understand all the terms below:

A trade in DiuBTC is an exchange between the maker (who makes an offer) and the taker (who responses to that offer). Regardless of their role as buyer or seller. The maker will always free of charged, the taker will have 0.5% processing fee (minimum 0.00100000 BTC) which is included in the trade amount (fee included in the displayed price, you will receive the exact amount you buy or sell).

The price is determined by the maker without any influence from DiuBTC. Vice versa, the maker is fully responsible for the posted price. As a consequence, we will not cancel any offer that has been taken due to reasons of mistaken price or unwillingness to proceed from taker, we also won't provide the contact information, supporter can reopen the trade to disputed and ask traders to deal together.

In DiuBTC we treasure integrity, fairness and respectfulness. Any proof of scamming, spaming or deliberate tricking will result in banned account forever without giving a clear reason and quarantined remaining balance. You may be required to resolve your old trades before continueing using the service. Please also consider your language when discussing with the other users or our supporters.

One user can have one account ONLY during lifetime and all clone accounts will be banned forever. All clone accounts are not counted as referrals.


Bitcoin is a non-refundable asset. You need to check your payment carefully before releasing the trade or you can open a dispute and ask more proof from buyer. It is for our best interest to protect the right user, however you are responsible first and for most to be a cautious and clever trader. DiuBTC has responsibility to process Bitcoin to your provided wallet, and all Bitcoin transactions are transparent and able to check at all nodes in Bitcoin network, such as: Blockchain (You can also check your Bitcoin wallet as this instruction here). In case, your wallet provider haven't creditted for your account, you need to wait some confirmations (the number of required confirmations are up to wallet provider, and most cases are 3 confirmations). You can ask the wallet provider to check your Bitcoin transaction if your transaction meets their requirements, and we do not have any responsibility if your wallet provider does not credit to your account.

In disputed trades, we expect the seller and buyer provide proof of payment, necessary information to resolve via evidence-based discussion in chat section. Our supporters will take action if no consensus can be reached or response out of permitted time.


If the buyer does not send payment within 15 minutes, the trade will be cancelled automatically.

When the buyer marks trade status as disputed, the buyer must upload the proof of transfer immediately. The seller has to response as soon as possible. After 12 hours without any response from seller, we will release the bitcoin to buyer.

If the seller marks trade status as disputed, the buyer must upload the proof of transfer immediately. The timeline for response is 1 hour. If there is no response within this timeline, the trade will be cancelled and the bitcoin is unfrozen.

Our support staff will resolve disputed trades after 3 days (except some special cases). If the buyer and seller of a Bitcoin trade are in disagreement over a trade either party or DiuBTC may initiate a dispute. Disputed trades are resolved by support staff. support resolves disputes by carefully evaluating the terms of trade, payment evidence, trade chat messages, user reputation, other data submitted to us by our users and data collected by us as part of the privacy policy.

When sellers turn unresponsive, we will resolve the dispute to the buyer if we are confident the seller has received valid payment from the buyer. If the buyer is unresponsive the seller may dispute the trade and we will resolve the dispute to the seller.

After the trade has been released by the seller the trade is considered finished by us and cannot be disputed, reversed or altered.

Providing fraudulent information or documents in a dispute or making false claims or otherwise trying to force a certain outcome of a disputed trade is considered a violation of this agreement. reserved all the rights to change the above Trading policy content anytime without giving any prior notice.

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